06:00 a.m:

124     Parry Sound to Sundridge            Snow covered / ice covered

141     Rosseau to Parry Sound                Partly snow covered / ice covered

Utterson to Rosseau                       Partly snow covered / ice covered

400     Port Severn to Horseshoe Lake Partly snow covered / ice covered

Horseshoe Lake to Parry Sound Snow covered / ice covered

69      Parry Sound to Pointe au Baril    Snow covered / ice covered

Pointe au Baril to Henvey           snow covered

Henvey Township to Sudbury   Ice covered / snow covered


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124 From Parry Sound to Sundridge Snow covered
Ice covered
Road Conditions Visibility Drifting Updated
Northeastern 141 From Rosseau to Parry Sound Partly snow covered
Ice covered
Northeastern 141 From Highway 11 – Utterson to Rosseau Snow covered
Partly ice covered