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Witness provides Ford Escalade timeline in days leading up to McRobb’s arrest


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Cadillac Escalade was seen twice this past long weekend parked along a road about a km north of the GreenStone Residential Addiction Treatment Centre in Bala. The vehicle was parked on MacIver’s Point Road close to Highway 169, 400 metres to about half a km from the road’s nearest driveway. 22 year old Andrew MacIver, who is a bartender at the KEE in Bala, says he first spotted it at 2:30am Sunday when he was returning to his cottage after work. MacIver snapped some pictures and compared it with pics of Ford’s Escalade. He realized it was the same vehicle due to the license plates being the same. The vehicle was gone by 8:30am Sunday when MacIver headed out to the highway. MacIver says it was back at the same spot Monday at 4am, when he saw it again after returning home from another shift. Between 9 and 10am Monday, the Escalade was gone from the location again. MacIver says it’s rare a vehicle would be parked at that location far from the nearest driveway. “We thought it was kind of interesting on the long weekend, but once we heard about the Escalade being pulled over on Tuesday, we thought it was more interesting than we’d thought,” he said. 36 year old Muskoka Lakes Township resident Lee Anne McRobb was behind the wheel of the Escalade Tuesday afternoon and charged with impaired driving by Bracebridge OPP. She was pulled over on Highway 169 near the Glen Orchard General Store, less than four kilometers from GreenStone which is located at 3571, Highway 169. On Wednesday afternoon, McRobb went to obtain her belongings from the Escalade at the Northland Towing and Auto Recovery impound lot in Gravenhurst, where the vehicle still sits behind a locked fence. It’s still not known where McRobb is staying. Her parents own a rental cottage business, Moon River Cottages. McRobb, who claimed Wednesday afternoon she may have left a watch “in Rob Ford’s room” at GreenStone, was reportedly discharged from the facility six days prior to the incident. (Photo by Andrew MacIver) 

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