The Near North District School Board released a new update on Parry Sound’s incoming super-school. 

The update, taken from the board’s August meeting, touched on topics like Indigenous teachings, land-based learning, languages and ease of access. 

The discussions covered how Indigenous teachings would not take place solely in Indigenous language and studies classrooms and how land-based learning and play is important for all. 

In addition, the board said there needs to be easy access from outside to connect with students and educators in the building, so Elders will be able to park and easily access the classrooms.

There was also a discussion about incorporating more language through signage, and meaningful symbols throughout the school.

The board said another consultation meeting is to be scheduled in October and that in the meantime, committee members and partners are asked to share feedback with Trustee Nichole King by email.

The new school, creating what the board calls a 21st-century learning facility for Parry Sound and area, is scheduled to open in September 2023. 

All information about the build can be found on the NNDSB’s website.