The Town of Parry Sound is giving residents the chance to dispose of household batteries safely.

In an update Thursday, the Town said that starting on July 3rd, it will begin accepting rechargeable household batteries as part of the household hazardous waste recycling program.

This is in addition to regular single-use batteries.

The decision is in accordance with the new Ontario provincial regulation for the proper end-of-life management of batteries – which are considered household hazardous waste.

The Town notes regular household batteries should not be thrown in the garbage or into your regular recycling box due to their chemical composition.

Recycling your used household batteries helps keep potentially toxic materials out of landfills where they can be harmful to wildlife and the environment.

The Town also adds that proper battery recycling helps reduce potential fire hazards and allows re-usable materials to be reclaimed to make new products.

To recycle your household batteries, the Town asks you to gather old batteries and place each one in a clear, sealable sandwich-type bag and bring them to the Parry Sound Transfer Station at 57 MacFarlane Street.

Used battery collection is a part of the household waste recycling program available for residents across Parry Sound and other townships in the District.

Head here for more information on battery recycling.