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Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit wants to reduce carbon footprints across cottage country

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MUSKOKA, ON – The health unit is sharing ideas to help fight the effects of climate change.

With the growing awareness around climate change and what humans can do to lessen the effects, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit wants people to do their part to reduce carbon footprints all over cottage country.

SMDHU says there are several things the general public can do to help lessen the severity of climate change.

The first thing is to make sure that you are recycling and sorting out organic waste. The health unit says you should ask yourself can you reduce, reuse or repair things you own rather than throwing things out.

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Reducing the amount of waste at landfills reduces the amount of Methane gas released into the air.

Another suggestion to shrink your personal footprint is to leave the car at home. Wherever possible the health unit suggests walking, biking or busing where you need to go and if you need to drive than plan out your route so your fuel consumption is minimal.

The third idea is to cut back on the water and energy that you personally use. Whether that be shutting off the tap while brushing your teeth or unplugging electronics while they are not in use.

It is also suggested that you weatherize your home so that heat/cold does not escape through the windows and doors. This will reduce your energy bill and reduce the energy used.

In terms of adapting to climate change, there is already damage to the planet so the health unit says people should be prepared with an emergency kit and creating a plan for you and your family if an emergency does arrive.

“Together we can lessen the impacts of climate change in our communities.” says the health unit

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