A Parry Sound author is taking readers on yet another journey.

Nicole Jalonen has released her 10th novel, called Her Life’s Dream. It’s the sixth entry in Dreams and Danger, a fantasy series that follows the journey of Britney Summers.

Summers has been haunted by strange dreams since her 12th birthday which eventually leads her down a path to discover her destiny, a destiny which includes magic powers and, Jalonen says, possibly saving the world.

At this point in Summers’ journey, she’s dealing with the loss of a mentor in her life and coping with a disability. Jalonen explains an injury has left the protagonist blind.

“She’s gone through quite a bit in these six books, but this one will be a new challenge and a new adventure for her.”

Jalonen says she has no plans of ending the Dreams and Danger series any time soon, with about 24 books total already written. The now 31-year-old has been a published author since she was 16, and says she writes a book roughly every two months.

A dream she had as a child inspired the series.

“When I was six-years-old I had a dream that my dog had been run over by a car and passed away.  I woke up the next day to find out my grandfather had passed away. That dream always stuck with me.”

With her writing, Jalonen is trying to get a positive message out to people.

“Basically to know that you can do whatever you put your mind to in life.  Never give up on your dreams no matter what challenges come to you.”

Jalonen is no stranger to challenges, having dealt with hydrocephalus her entire life. That’s a condition where fluid builds up in the brain, causing an increase in pressure in the skull.  A shunt has been put in her head, which is a tube that directs the fluid away from her brain.

She’s had five brain surgeries replacing the shunt and in the near future will have to go for a sixth.

“That’s why I write inspirational stories of ‘don’t let your dreams go just because you have a challenge in life’, because you can do it no matter what people say or what people do to try and stop you.”

You can find a copy of Her Life’s Dream at Bearly Used Books in Parry Sound or check out Jalonen’s books at the Parry Sound Public Library.