Congratulations to all our local players this week and a salute to the Brokerlink Midgets who went through the Steel City Tournament in “the Soo” over the weekend with 1 loss and ended up winning the final over the Schumacher Cubs 3-1 to win the tournament.

Kudos as well to the Hall Construction Peewees and the Ritchie Insurance Bantams who took their weekends to the semi finals.

Here’s the weekend results. We’ll update with Monday’s games as they are finished.

Don’t forget to tune in Tuesday morning for the announcement of this week’s “Don Cherry’s Minor Hockey Team of the Week”.


Sault Ste. Marie – Steel City Tournament    Nov.10-12


Parry Sound Brokerlink Midgets   2           vs            Iroquois Falls Eskimos  1

Parry Sound Brokerlink Midgets  7            vs            Fort William Hurricanes  2


Parry Sound Brokerlink Midgets  2            vs            Soo Tornado  3

Parry Sound Brokerlink Midgets  6            vs            Blind River Thunder  2


Parry Sound Brokerlink Midgets  5            vs            New Liskeard Lions  2 (semi – final)

Parry Sound Brokerlink Midgets  3            vs            Schumacher Cubs   1  (final)


Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Classic – Peewee / Bantam     Nov.10-12



Simcoe Warriors  1                                         at            Hall Construction Peewees  3


Flesherton Goldenhawks  1                          at            Hall Construction Peewees  4

Manitoulin Panthers  2                                 at            Hall Construction Peewees  5

N.O.T.L. Wolves  2                                         at            Hall Construction Peewees  1


N.O.T.L. Wolves  2                                         at            Hall Construction Peewees  1 (Semi – Final)



Strathroy Jr. Rockets  1                                 at            Ritchie Insurance Bantams  4


Manitoulin Panthers  3                                 at            Ritchie Insurance Bantams  0

Erin Hillsburg Devils  0                                at            Ritchie Insurance Bantams  0


Niagara On The Lake  2                                at            Ritchie Insurance Bantams 1 (Semi – Final)



Seaforth Stars Novice Tournament  (Nov.10-11)


Optimist Club Novice Shamrocks  2           vs            Port Stanley Sailors  9


Optimist Club Novice Shamrocks  5           vs            Seaforth Stars  2

Optimist Club Novice Shamrocks  4           vs            Six Nations Blackhawks  1  (Consolation Championship)


Parry Sound Shamrocks Local Play


Parry Sound 4 Sports Atoms  1                    at            Highland Storm 2  2

Atom2 Parry Sound  1                                     at            South Muskoka HRC Ins  3

Bantam 2 Parry Sound  1                               at            Huntsville Davicor  3

Peewee 2 Parry Sound  6                               at            Huntsville Main Street Dental  4



Optimist Club Novice Shamrocks  4           at            Elmvale Coyotes  13

Rotary Club Atoms  6                                      at            Elmvale Coyotes  2

Midget 3 Parry Sound  4                                at            South Muskoka Jody Rowland  5


Peewee 2 Parry Sound                                   at            Peewee 1 Parry Sound 1                7:00 p.m.             (B.O.C.C.)

Midget 1 Parry Sound                                    at            Midget Parry Sound 2                     8:00 p.m.             (B.O.C.C.)