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Take a picture with South River’s Moose

SOUTH RIVER ON- People who visit the corner of Ottawa St. and Highway 124 may have noticed something missing over the past little while, a 12 foot moose that sits on the roof.

Tim Hainsworth, the co-owner of Corner Wine bought the building back in 1996 and at that time wanted to create a bar called “Moose Crossing”.

“I decided it needed a landmark so we put a 12 foot moose on the roof,” said Hainsworth.

Local fabricator Michael Bonnell was the mastermind who came up with the design for the moose. After its creation, it sat there until early 2019.

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Hainsworth and his wife Martha Jacobs brought the moose down for a makeover but found that they would have to recreate the entire structure because of the poor condition it was in.

“The plywood was rotten and there were bits falling off,” said Hainsworth.

The new and improved moose now sits outside the building and the owners plan to leave him there till the beginning of December.

Taking photos with the famous moose is encouraged, as he has become one of South River’s landmarks.

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