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Scheduled Power Outage at WPSHC set for Thursday evening

A power outage is scheduled to happen at the local hospital on June 1. 

The West Parry Sound Health Centre posted to social media on Wednesday (May 31) warning residents the centre will be part of a scheduled outage in the evening for crews to undertake some essential maintenance.    

“Thankfully, WPSHC is prepared to provide ongoing care, with essential services, in the case of scheduled or emergency power outages. Our Plant Operations Team runs a whole host of systems that literally keep WPSHC running,” reads the post. 

Officials with the centre say the team oversees the hospital’s primary and secondary emergency backup generators. According to the centre, the primary generator runs at 750 KW with a diesel tank that can keep it alive for about 37 hours. 

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They say it provides power to emergency circuits and essential equipment and kicks in automatically after 6 seconds of disrupted power supply. The hospital says the first generator runs primary elevators, negative air units, boilers, and essential services in the Emergency Department, the OR, Acute Care and other primary services.   

The secondary generator runs at 1250 KW, can power the entire facility, is portable, requires manual connection and has a belly tank that can keep it kicking for up to half a day.  

Officials say with timely fuel delivery, either system could provide power indefinitely, keeping the lights, and more importantly medical equipment, on until the power comes back. 

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