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Most trails in Parry Sound area closed until weather improves

Most snowmobile trails in the Parry Sound District are currently closed in light of poor weather conditions. 

Barry Wilkinson, President of Parry Sound Snowmobile Club District 10 says with the rain on Tuesday and the forecast for heavy rain on Thursday, the club has taken the opportunity to close most of its trails to preserve the base.

He says the move was done in preparation for when the weather improves, hopefully later in the week. In the meantime, Wilkinson reminds everyone that no ice is safe. 

“The areas that [the club] has staked have at least been checked for ice thickness but in other areas, you obviously are taking your own risk going on them. We’re finding right now that we have a lot more slush on the lake than we have [had] recently. So it’s just not really safe out on most areas right now,” Wilkinson says. 

According to the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs’ guide map, almost all of the trails in our region are either closed or open with limited availability. 

All we can do, Wilkinson says, is to keep our fingers crossed and hope that the weather improves, adding that it’s certainly not been very good weather for anybody out there this winter. 

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