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Bimaajtoon Search & Rescue’s Family Day Weekend Polar Dip going ‘funkier’ this year

The Bimaajtoon Search & Rescue team is inviting you to come jump in ice-cold water on Family Day.

The volunteer-run, land-based team is bringing their Family Day Weekend Polar Dip back again this year. Jordan Pennington, one of the volunteers, says polar dipping does seem a little bit daunting at first, but it is quite nice and refreshing once you’re in. 

“Definitely cold, I can’t lie but it is nice once you get in. There are plenty of safety features involved with it. Carling Fire Department is right there with us. You’re actually tied in so if anything goes wrong [Firefighters] are able to help us right away,” he says.

Pennington says there will also be a nice spot to warm up afterward and a nice warm lunch as well to help entice people to compete. The dip, taking place at a small body of water across from the Carling Community Centre, starts at 10 AM on February 20th.

He says last year a couple of people showed up in a few different water wings and floaties so the team is going to try to promote it this year to see if people can wear some funky outfits.

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“We had a couple of teams [last year], maybe about three or four including a team from the administrative side of things, our executive board. We raised quite a bit with the three teams we had. It was $50 per team and then there were a couple of donations from people who didn’t want to go in but were willing to pay to keep themselves dry and warm,” he says.

This year, Pennington says the signup fee was upped to $100 per team. Right now he says there are three teams adding he knows of at least three or four more that have just yet to sign up. “We’re hoping for around 10 teams right now,” he says.

According to the team’s Facebook page, the funds raised will go towards operational costs associated with training volunteers and maintaining equipment such as radios, medical equipment, and the team’s Command trailer.

Pennington says to sign up you can email the team at [email protected] anytime right up until February 20th. You can also message the team on their Facebook page.

Pennington says last year’s first inaugural polar dip was a great success, and hopefully, this year is just the same if not better.

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