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Cottage country resident annoyed after deer guts dumped on lawn

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UTTERSON, ON- James Long isn’t happy, after deer meat appeared on his lawn on Monday morning.

Long is a resident of Utterson, living along Patti Pointe Road. Early in the morning, around 7:45 a.m., he stepped out of his house and found a pile of guts on the corner lawn where Patti Pointe meets Windermere Road.

Long told the newsroom that the entrails were in a “neat and tidy” pile, and appeared to have come from a very large deer. One of his neighbours, a hunter, also spotted the leftover deer material. He told Long that it looked like the deer had been taken down by a bow and arrow.

“It had clearly been skinned and all entrails left in a large pile in the middle of the lawn on this corner spot,” wrote Long, in a message to the newsroom.

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“No carcass left, just the entrails in a tidy, big pile about 30 pounds worth. To the “hunter”… unfortunately some of the neighbour’s kids waiting for the school bus this morning saw what you did too! They should not have had to see that! My hunter friend said this gives all hunters a bad name. We assume a bow hunter drove by and saw a deer on this private property and took it down.”

Long was not a fan of the hunter’s handiwork, and was most displeased with the guts being left in plain view for kids to see.

“To leave the guts like that in such an open space, on an obviously mowed lawn and private property is incredibly disrespectful,” wrote Long.

“We hope that hunter is proud he left this mess for little kids to witness. If you know anyone who came home with deer meat last night or today maybe have a chat eh. This no sense act took place last night/this morning (Sun, Oct 20/Mon Oct 21st).”

He believed whoever had done the deed had previous experience with butchery, due to the tidiness of the pile.

“It was almost weird, just a neat and tidy pile of guts,” said Long, speaking to the newsroom.

“For lack of a better word, I wish I could not use neat and tidy, but I don’t know how else to describe it. It was just a big pile of guts, bigger than my dog.”

While he didn’t begrudge the hunter for hunting in the first place, he wished they had done it elsewhere, or at least cleaned up more completely.

“I don’t think young kids should have to see a pile of any kind of animal guts, prior to going to school,” said Long.

“I just think that’s really sad, it’s unfortunate, and I think it’s just disrespectful to the sport, to the kids, and just careless and senseless.”

He’s hopeful that the person will get the message about their poor choice of plan.

“(It’s a) small community and we know people talk and watch out for each other,” said Long.

“Sad times that people feel it is OK to do such things with no regard for others. Thanks for telling others and perhaps this person(s) will feel some remorse. To think, those poor kids this morning… to have to see that…it grossed us out too. Shame.”

The provincial tips line for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is 1-877-847-7667.

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