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Man arrested at home for impaired driving

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McDOUGALL TOWNSHIP, ON – A visit to a driver’s home in McDougall Township has resulted in an impaired charge.

West Parry Sound OPP received a public complaint about a possible drunk driver around 10:00am yesterday morning.

Police attended a residence based on the complaint, to determine the sobriety of the driver. Officers detected alcohol on the driver’s breath and an investigation led to a fail reading on an alcohol screening device.

An 81-year-old man from McDougall Township was charged with operation while impaired and blood alcohol above .80.

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The arrest is part of new legislation introduced in January that allows police to attend a residence after a person has stopped driving their vehicle and investigate.

Constable Joe Scali explained how the law has changed.

“The new legislation of Bill C-46, over 80, has been changed to 80 or over and it has also gives the police the ability to look at a person who has ceased operation of a motor vehicle for two hours,” he said.

The case on Thursday was not the first investigation of this nature.

“Just last week we also had a party that was on an ATV,” explained Scali. “We did not locate that ATV at the scene, located an ATV at a residence and that person admitted to operating the ATV and we concluded our investigation on that.”

Scali adds it is vital for people to try and provide a description of the driver along with a license plate so if a home investigation is to happen they can zero in on the likely driver.

It is the 46th case of impaired driving in the West Parry Sound district so far this year.

The man will appear at the Ontario Court of Justice in Parry Sound September 19th to face his charges.

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