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Town council has decided to continue free parking indefinitely

Free parking will continue indefinitely in downtown Parry Sound.  At last night’s meeting, council voted in favour of removing the parking meter posts, giving the pay and display meters to other departments for use and making an offer to the West Parry Sound Health Centre for the meter mechanisms.  Councillor Keith Saulnier was the only one opposed to the removal of the meters as he says it’s taking money away from Parry Sound.

Councillor Paul Borneman says the issue has been debated since the meters were installed and at this point it’s either more meters or no meters in order to be fair to everyone.  Councillor Saulnier agrees that there should be more meters.

Mayor Jamie McGarvey spoke to say that he is in favour of free parking downtown, but that the Downtown Business Association and downtown businesses need to have a plan to maintain the parking spaces and the lots.

A direction was also given to staff to amend the Traffic By-law to continue free parking for two hours on the street and four hours in the lots with tickets being issued for vehicles that park past the limit or re-park in the same parking zone.  The amended by-law will also include the creation of free long-term parking in seven spaces on Mary Street, eight on north Miller, and 30 on South Gibson as well as have free unlimited parking on Sundays and come into effect on October 1st.


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