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Volunteer firefighters extinguish snowmobile fire at Seguin gas station 

A fire broke out at a Petro-Can gas station in Seguin Township on Feb. 19.  Local volunteer firefighters arrived quickly and used extinguishers to manage the blaze while waiting for backup, according to Seguin Township Fire Chief Sean Carroll.  “Somebody had stopped to fuel up their snow machine and while doing...

Winter season ‘very frustrating’ for local snowmobilers 

It has been a ‘very frustrating’ winter for snowmobilers, according to Parry Sound District Snowmobile Club president Barry Wilkinson.  Fluctuating temperatures have created problems for club volunteers and led to less-than-ideal trail conditions.  “We have been very low on snow,” said Wilkinson. “The other big problem is the cold. We have a...

Measurement month underway at Northern Policy Institute 

There’s still time to take part in the Northern Policy Institute’s (NPI) measurement month. Officials at NPI have teamed up with organizations across the region for the third annual information-gathering effort. The idea is to collect consistent, comparable data to inform decision-making at the local, regional, provincial, and national level for Northern...

Council investing in new playground equipment

The Town of Parry Sound is investing an additional $320,000 in new playground equipment.  Booth Street Park, Cherry Street Park, Mission Park, Waubano Beach Park, and William Street Park will all see equipment upgrades this year. The funding decision was made at a 2024 capital budget meeting on Feb. 13.  According to Councillor...

Council to consider development charges deferral policy

Nine months after passing a bylaw introducing development charges, Parry Sound council is considering a deferral policy. The draft policy, which was slated to be in front of council Feb. 20, has been pushed to the March 5 meeting. The policy places an emphasis on encouraging high density development, in...

Parry Sound-Muskoka getting $1.26-million to connect people to primary care 

Organizations in our region are getting $1,264,686 to connect people to primary care providers.  The Algonquin Family Health Team will receive $559,799, which provincial officials say will connect more than 1,200 patients to primary care.   Sundridge and District Medical Centre will be receiving $327,237 to help another 1,200 patients, Burk’s...
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