The North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit says the use of rapid antigen testing in schools isn’t necessary as of yet. 

This follows last week’s news that Rapid COVID-19 tests will soon be available in some schools across the province.

According to the Chief Medical Officer of Health, the tests will only be available in areas with high rates of the virus with the local health unit deciding whether or not our schools need them. 

In an email response to the My Parry Sound Now newsroom, health unit officials said the district’s case rate has been low and the spread of COVID-19 in schools has yet to be seen. 

As a result, the health unit says it does not believe that the use of rapid antigen testing is appropriate at this time. 

However, the response adds that if the health unit starts to experience significant virus transmission in schools, it may develop a targeted rapid antigen testing strategy in collaboration with local school boards.