With the start of the new school year come the advisories for drivers to take extra care, watching for children walking to and from school and following the laws respecting School buses.

One local resident Leonard Rachar who lost a son to a train in town wants parents to learn about rail safety and teach their children about rail safety and for children to be extra cautious when crossing level crossings. 

“The main message I want to get out to people is is Stop-Look-and Listen, and be aware that train tracks are for trains and maintenance crews, not for footpaths and shortcuts. If the barriers are down stop and wait for the train… No matter how long it takes,” Rachar said.

Rachar is looking to work in conjunction with the rail companies to even further improve physical deterrents at crossings in town. 

“I’m going back to work with the railroads, to put up a physical deterrent to prevent this from taking place any longer and it’s gonna be a long journey but we’re gonna get it done!” he said.

Rail safety tips can be found on both CP and CN websites.

**with files from Kent Matheson