West Parry Sound Area’s Recreation and Culture Centre is getting an over $23-million joint boost from the province and the feds.

Through the Community, Culture, and Recreation stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, the feds are investing $12.7 Million and Ontario is providing $10.6 Million. 

The project will increase the quality of indoor recreation and encourage healthy, active living for many residents in the region. 

The funding comes after a joint initiative put forward by the Town of Parry Sound, Seguin Township, the Municipality of McDougall, the Township of Carling, the Township of The Archipelago, the Township of McKellar, the Municipality of Whitestone, Wasauksing First Nation and Shawanaga First Nation. 

The project’s full cost is $31.8M, the $23.3M joint funding covers about 73% of the capital cost of the Recreation and Culture Centre with the seven municipalities covering the remaining 27 percent which is around $8.5 million.

The new facility will help close the existing service gap in the region where Parry Sounders have to complete a 156-kilometre round-trip commute currently, to access an indoor public pool.