Around 4:15 PM, Hydro One released a statement notifying customers in Parry Sound Humphrey, Conger, Seguin, Foley and Carling of a forced power interruption.

Hydro One said the outage began around 1:03 PM and is expected to last until around 9 PM Friday.


The Hydro One Power Outage Map showed a massive outage Friday Afternoon spanning the area between Parry Sound and Gordon Bay.

The outage is reportedly affecting 2,350 customers in the area and is expected to be restored around 5:45 PM Friday.

Affected areas include but are not limited to Parry Sound, South Parry, Rose Point, Foley, Holmur, Horseshoe Lake, Brignall, Hamer Bay and Gordon Bay.

Here is a snap of the Hydro One Outage Map Friday, February 26th at 2:06 PM;