It looks like school will be back in session in September for students in Parry Sound.

With the government of Ontario laying out its proposed scenarios for what the upcoming school year might look like – Near North District School Board has begun their planning to get students back in class.

In an interview with MyParrySoundNow, Near North Chair Jay Aspin says he appreciates that the provincial government was cognizant of smaller boards such as theirs.

“We have our work to do, and we are going to tailor our board to our circumstances, always keeping in mind both the health and safety of our students and staff. Of course, that is the number one priority.”

The provincial government’s proposed scenarios include a typical school day routine – with enhanced health measures, a modified routine – where there would be a cap on students, and at-home learning should the school year be extended.

Aspin notes this approach has empowered them to do what they feel is best for their students.

“As a board, we, particularly in the Parry Sound Area, have a sparse population,” Aspin said. “It’s a whole different ball game from Bloor Street in downtown Toronto. So, with that, I’m particularly please they went with an approach that isn’t a ‘one-size fits all.’”

Aspin also says within the next few weeks, they’ll be looking at the different scenarios and deciding how they will differentiate between elementary and high school students.

Following this, he says they will be examining each school in the District to see what approach best suits them and put forth more concrete plans by August 4.

“The next steps are to take a look at our system and kind of distill from that information which option would be best for us to move forward.

To view Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce’s plan for a safe reopening – head here.