PARRY SOUND, ON-A Parry Sound resident is currently under investigation by the West Parry Sound OPP for fraud. 

At the beginning of this week, MyParrySoundNow had received an anonymous tip that a person has supposedly been committing money fraud, money laundering and various other offences.

The newsroom reached out to this person’s place of employment to see if these claims were accurate, but were not able to comment for “legal reasons.” 

Constable Louise Maki from the Almaguin Highlands OPP was able to confirm that they were made aware of the allegations on May 28th, and they are currently investigating and reviewing information related to the case. 

Maki, however, was not able to confirm if the claims of money fraud and money laundering were accurate.

When asked about the gravity of the allegations they were investigating and how serious they were, she was not able to comment on that either.  

The newsroom has reached out to the person in question for comment, but they have not returned our requests. 

As the case is ongoing, the newsroom will continue to pursue any updates on the situation.