HIGHLANDS EAST, ON – One municipality is sharing some suggestions to help protect the environment on a personal level.

With the realities of climate change getting more and more attention, the Municipality of Highlands East has posted a series of “19 things you can do to improve the environment”.

The first thing is to turn off any unused electronics. Leaving tech on standby just uses energy for no reason and increases your carbon footprint.

Suggestion two is to invest in eco-friendly technology like energy efficient appliances. Three is to convert your home to renewable energy like solar power.

Four is to eat less meat. Reducing the amount of meat that you consume reportedly reduces your carbon footprint as well.

Along the same lines as four, five suggests that people do their best to cut back on wasted food. A report suggested that at least 35.5 million tonnes of food are wasted or lost.

Sticking with not wasting food, the sixth suggestion is to compost your food waste rather than throw it out.

The seventh suggestion is to recycle as much as possible. On top of recycling, the author of these tips suggests that all recycling needs to be cleaned and sorted so it doesn’t end up in waste.

Eighth on the suggestion list is to work towards reducing the number of plastics that you use on a daily basis. This is done by using canvas bags, and refillable water bottles and things like that.

Along the similar thought process of the second tip, nine encourages people to make the switch to LED light bulbs because they do not just last longer but they also are more efficient.

The 10th tip is to insulate your home as much as possible to reduce the amount of heat getting out and cold getting in.

11th of the list of tips is to try fixing things that are broken rather than throwing them away. When cleaning your home, use eco-friendly products is the 12 suggestion.

Another big suggestion is to reduce the amount that you drive, cutting back on emissions will lead to lower carbon footprints.

Although some believe that microwaves use more energy than stoves, cooking with your microwave is the 14th tip.

An idea that is well received across businesses across cottage country, is the 15th tip of shopping a buying locally. This reduces the overall environmental impact of having things shipped around.

Rounding out the list of suggestions is the idea of avoiding flying and travelling this summer and enjoy outdoors, growing your own food, planting trees, and using more natural cleaning products for personal hygiene.

According to the municipality, this list of tips was taken from www.goodenergy.co.uk