Mental Health is on the minds of Canadians all week long.

The Canadian Mental Health Association took to social media to promote an awareness campaign. According to CMHA, this week is Mental Health Week and it is designed to reduce the stigma around mental health.

This year’s campaign theme is “Get loud about what mental health really is”. The overall goal of the theme is to help Canadians understand the terminology and reduce the confusion and misconceptions to do with mental illness. CMHA says that confusion “contributes to the stigma of mental illness; it divides people into those who experience mental illness and those who don’t.”

As part of the campaign, CMHA wants people to understand mental illness is something that everyone has and moreover, mental illness is everyone’s issue.

According to CMHA, there is evidence from across the country, and the globe that shows there are six features that demonstrate good mental health. Those are a sense of self, purpose, belonging, contribution, enjoyment and resilience.

CMHA has made a variety of materials available for everyone to read and share around. They can be found by clicking here. The Mental Health Association has 330 locations across the country.