An incident in Bracebridge has all of cottage country’s O.P.P. extending a warning to drivers.

Several detachments of Ontario’s police force are using an incident in Bracebridge as an example of why drivers shouldn’t go on closed roads. A person had to get towed off a flooded road after their car stalled as soon as the water reached the engine.

Although the person was unharmed, the O.P.P. are telling drivers that closed roads are closed for a reason. Officials warn that flooded roads can hide the fact the road itself is washed out. Another concern is that the current would be strong enough to pull your car away. In both cases that could lead to injury or death for those in the car.

The O.P.P. also reminds drivers that if you are caught driving on a closed road, you can be charged under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, and you could be liable for any damages to your car while on the restricted road.

Another thing to remember, according to the police, is the fact that most cars are not designed to drive in anything more than a few inches of water.