A new hotel for Parry Sound is one step closer to possibly being realized.

At last Tuesday’s council meeting a request for zoning changes to a vacant lot on Pine Drive (behind Parry Sound Fuels) was received and discussed. The proposed hotel is asking for the change to allow for a building approximately five metres higher than what is currently allowed and to shrink the required size of the parking lot from three by six metres to 2.75 metres by 5.75 metres.

As the property has already changed hands and is now in the hands of Great Western Hotels they are requesting that the re-zoning be dealt with as quickly as possible. The only opposition to the planned development came from Gerald Asa representing the neighbouring “big box” stores.

That opposition is based on fears that the building height would block the sightline to Walmart and that the reduced parking may result in overflow parking in their lot. They are also concerned about traffic with vehicles exiting the hotel.

Planner John Jackson, representing the hotel, said that the sightline to the shopping plaza would not be affected because at that point the hotel would only be one storey. He added that the parking lot, even though reduced, would still be sufficient and should not require vehicles to make use of the shopping plaza parking lot.

Council will address the request for the zoning change at an upcoming council meeting.