Cameras could soon be mounted on school bus stop arms across Ontario.

That’s according to the province’s Transport Minister Jeff Yurek.

Director of Operations for Muskoka and Parry Sound school bus operator Hammond Transportation, Scott Hammond says he is in favour of such a move, but it is too early to say how it would all play out.

“Anything to make things safer for the kids we are absolutely in favour of,” said Hammond.  He says no mention of such an initiative has been presented to school bus operators.

The cameras are aimed at catching drivers who pass school buses that have their warning lights on.

Drivers ignoring those stop lights are a continual problem for police forces around the province. Running through an active bus stop arm is now a fine between $400 and $2000 plus six demerit points.

No timeline was offered as to when cameras could or would be installed.

Jason Folz, an OPP Sergeant for Central Region, says enforcement of bus stop signs has been done by helicopter in Muskoka since the start of the year, but compliance numbers are not available.

“We are using the helicopter to monitor bus routes and also for snowmobile trails,” says Folz. “Having cameras on a bus would really help with enforcement.”