Public Works is asking for a little patience during winter storm events.

“People must realize that when it snows, we don’t go out right away, we wait until there is accumulation,” said Peter Brown, Director of Public Works.

“We can plow one complete run in 12 hours, it’s just that some roads may not be done right away because there are priority roads,” he added.

Priority roads include Bowes Street, Joseph Street, Church Street, and James Street which act as arteries for the town to get people moving through those main roads. Once those roads are clear, town staff can branch off onto other roads.

Town snow removal staff consist of eleven people, three seven-ton plows, two trackless sidewalk plows, and two one-ton plows to work through town streets.

According to Brown, the minimum maintenance standards for town road classifications, are class five and six roads.  For example, when snow accumulation is around 10cm, the town has 12 hours after it drops, to remove it from lower priority roads.

Brown says staff are doing their best to ensure a timely snow removal and workers are often out on the streets at 4:00am and work 12-hour shifts during winter storms.

To find out where your street classifies for snow removal, view the classification list here.