Kimberly Woodcock, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Gateway North

After a lengthy process of severance,  site plans, and preparation, Habitat House is ready to be built.

Kimberly Woodcock, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Gateway North, says the task of securing  132 Northshore road was a process that started in late 2016.

A family will occupy the home after the home begins building but Habitat North still needs help to get this project underway.

“It takes huge dedication from a community in order to succeed in the home building.  That’s the great thing about a house build is that there are so many opportunities to apply skills. If you enjoy painting, building or landscaping, there are all kinds of different points in the build in which you can contribute,’ Woodcock said.

Construction is not the only way to contribute, for those whose strengths do not include swinging a hammer.

“Fundraising, communications or administrative roles are also available for contribution,” adds Woodcock. “We would sit down with the interested party about what their skills are and what they would like and offer opportunities that match.”

Kimberly said that the community has already raised $90,000 out of the $200,000 budget to build the home. The home itself will be a three-bedroom, energy efficient green-built home.

“It’s not just the cost of the home we want to be affordable, we want the running and the maintenance of the home to be affordable as well,” Woodcock said.

The fundraising goal has not yet been met and volunteers are still needed.  Habitat Gateway North would like to begin building the house this year and the project needs your help.

If you are interested in volunteering, call (705)646-0106 ext 209 or email [email protected] as the Habitat Gateway North website is currently under construction.