The Search and Rescue demonstration at The Stockey Centre was a success despite blowing snow and cold temperatures.

Approximately four Rescue Amphibious Vehicle manufacturers had their equipment on display.

SHERP ATVs, ATASD ACV  hovercrafts from Air Rider Hovercraft , a rescue airboat from American manufacturer 1000 Islands Airboats were shown riding over water, ice, snow and ground.

Vladimir Shehovstov, Economic Development Officer with the Town of Parry Sound said SHERP is considering manufacturing their product in the district though that deal has not been confirmed. As soon as SHERP obtains approval to expand their business in northern Ontario, a decision on manufacturing location may be clearer.

Evgeny Astakhov, a sales manager with SHERP says the manufacturing plant could be up and running by next year and said that the manufacturing plant could bring nearly 20 jobs “for now.”

He said that the equipment his employer manufactures has the capacity to rescue people in most northern conditions and referenced a story where SHERP equipment was used in a search in a rescue mission in Sudbury area, where a SHERP ATV saved nine people who were lost last spring.

Shehovtsov said that this equipment is intended for Police Services, Coast Guard and other security and rescue missions. A SHERP ATV costs upward of $100,000.

Hovercrafts were demonstrated later in the day because of snow squalls.

The event was designed to provide an opportunity to promote Parry Sound as a manufacturing and business hub, and to help attract small to medium-sized businesses from the GTA and across the province.