Chris O’Gram has more work to do before his application to sue the Town of Parry Sound will be heard.

The former mayoral candidate filed an application against the town in early December to invalidate the electronic voting results of October’s municipal election.

O’Gram stood before Justice Edward J. Koke in the Parry Sound Court this morning when Koke told O’Gram he was missing a “39a document” and to provide substantial evidence through an affidavit.

Upon researching Civil Court Documents, Form 39a does not seem to exist although the judge repeatedly referred to this document in court.

O’Gram says he plans to consult with legal counsel before making an amendment to his application and file the appropriate form, that being 38B: Confirmation of Application form. He says he will have a decision in place about how he will proceed in the coming weeks.

Kelly Wagar of Strong Township was sitting in the court audience. She says she was acting as a scrutineer during the 2018 municipal election in Magnetawan. She says she was present in court in support of O’Gram’s claims that the electronic voting process was inaccurate and mishandled.

Wagar says that while she was acting as a scrutineer,  she witnessed active voting taking place in the municipal office without scrutineers present. She says the cardboard ballot box was opened, the polling station was facing the wrong way so that individuals ballots were exposed to prying eyes and away from scrutineers. She also suggests that ballots were forged.

Wagar says she would like to see an end to electronic voting and a return to the paper ballot.