One of Parry Sound’s pizza makers ranked top three in the 2018 National Pizza Chef Championships.

Maurizio Mascioli won third in the National Pizza Making Competition with his concoction “The Nacho Pizza.”

Chef and local firefighter, Maurizio Mascioli and his mother Cina have been running the local pizzeria for more than five years. When he entered the creative open category at the National Pizza Chef Championships on October 15th he took home third place in the open category with his creation, the Nacho Pizza.

“It was an idea that came to me last year when I was watching the game with friends. Some friends ordered pizza and others ordered nachos and I wanted to combine it into a pizza…it took me six months to perfect,” Mascioli said.

Taking into consideration the weight of the pizza crust, palate balancing, oven temperature and the perfect balance of toppings, creating a creative pizza requires careful thought.

Maurizio’s will be opened for one more week until he temporarily closes his doors for winter renovations. Maurizio says he’s changing the platform of the pizzeria after taking over a commercial car wash and retrofitting it into a pizzeria.

“During the winter months we will close the facility for usual take-out or dine-in service, however, I’d like to provide the local population with professional pizza making classes,” he said. The final renovations are slated for April 2019.