If you live in the Crawford subdivision and see fog coming from your drain, don’t panic.

McDougall Township announced that they will be doing fog tests in the Crawford subdivision area tomorrow. A fog test has town staff pumping fog into the sewer systems in hopes of reducing the amount of stormwater going into the septic systems. As well they are checking to see that the sewer system is in compliance with the Sewer By-Law.

Throughout the test, residents in the area might notice fog coming in through floor drains, traps, sinks, and any other item hooked into the sewer system. Staff says that this is completely normal and safe, adding that there is no reason for concern if this happens.

Steve Goman, the Environmental Services Supervisor, says it is important to take note where the fog comes into your home. He added that there should only be fog coming from your plumbing roof and if it is coming in elsewhere there could be issues.

There is no estimated finish time on the test, but the town is asking that anyone with questions direct them to Steve Goman or another member of the fog test team by calling 705-342-5252.