Crews are continuing to fight the brush fire near Ardbeg today.

The Ministry of Natural Resources says the fire has grown in size to 12.4 hectares, was caused by humans, and is still listed as “not under control.” McDougall Fire Chief Brian Leduc says people have reported smelling smoke, but there’s nothing to worry about:

The MNRF says there is no immediate threat of evacuation because of this fire. Two fire ranger crews are assigned to the blaze, which broke out Friday night at the Bunny Trail along the CN rail line. The MNRF took over fighting the fire from the Whitestone Fire Department because of the fire’s size.

You may still be seeing smoke today, but if you see any new smoke you should immediately report it by calling 911. Keep in mind the fire danger rating in the Parry Sound District is sitting at extreme, and a complete fire ban is in effect. You can follow the progress of the Ardbeg fire at this website.