As the weather gets warmer, you’ll be spending more time outside with your dog.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is reminding you that it’s illegal to let your dog run unleashed in areas where deer, moose, elk, or bears live during the closed season.

MNRF Staff Sergeant Robert Gibson says this time of year is especially troublesome since most dogs are able to run on top of the crusted snow while large game can’t do the same.


Gibson says deer that are chased in the Parry Sound region usually head towards frozen bodies of water, endangering the animal at this time of year.


He says unleashed dogs may be exposed to hunter’s traps, dangerous animals, disease, as well as the risk of being hit by a car.

In Parry Sound, dogs must be restrained when out of the house and must be muzzled if required.

For more information about the dog bylaw in Parry Sound, visit the Town of Parry Sound website.