Now that the holiday season is over, it’s peak flu season.

Latest figures from the North Parry Sound District Health Unit show there are 62 confirmed cases of influenza in the region.

Health Unit Manager of Communicable Disease control, Louise Anello says the number is based only on lab results is just a fraction of the total number of cases.


Anello says the Health Unit looks at other indicators to help them get a clear picture of how people in the region have the flu.


The most dominant of the many strains of the flu is the A category H3N2 virus which tends to affect the elderly.

Anello says what makes this flu season different are also the presence of the less severe B category viruses.

The unusual occurrence of both categories at the same time makes the disease more difficult to control.

Anello stresses the best way not get the flu is to get your flu shot.


For more information on flu vaccines visit the North Parry Sound Health Unit at Flu Vaccines.