The amount of calls in relation to bear sightings in Parry Sound district has gone up since last year.
Over 500 calls were made to the Ministry of Natural Resources, which is up compared to the 380 calls last year.
Ministry representative Jolanta Kowalski says that doesn’t mean there were over 500 separate sightings.
Kowalski says it is possible that the number of bears sighted is up from last year.
She says that could be due to a natural food shortage, which is a result of the excessive summer drought.
Kowalski says if you see a bear out in the woods wandering around, you can call the Bear Wise line.
But, if you spot a bear in a community where it can cause issues, you should contact police.
The best way to keep bears off your property is to make sure you are keeping garbage inside or properly sealed.
Bears are also attracted to bird feeders and improperly cleaned barbecues.