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Winter Activities Safety Tips

Winter in Ontario is a great time to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Being prepared can help you avoid dangerous situations that could result in serious injuries. The Personal Injury Alliance has the following safety tips to help ensure you have a safe and fun experience in the Great White North.

Here are some Winter Safety Tips for this Long Weekend from MOOSE FM & Personal Injury Alliance

  1. While helmets can help to reduce the risk of sports-related injuries, concussions can still occur. Impact to the head can result in headaches, dizziness, confusion, amnesia and fatigue. If any of these symptoms occur, see a doctor immediately.
  2. Whether you’re snowmobiling, snowboarding or skiing always wear and use properly fitting equipment. Minimize your risk of injury by checking that your gear is in good working order and be sure to dress according to the safety standards of your activity.
  3. Tobogganing is a fun way to spend a winter day, but it’s important to be aware of hidden dangers. Choose a hill with an appropriate slope, especially when tobogganing with younger children. Check the path to make sure it’s clear of hazardous areas and obstacles, and double check that there is ample room at the bottom of the hill for a safe landing.
  4. With sharp skates on slippery ice be extra cautious when participating in ice rink activities. Ensure the ice is clear of debris and don’t forget your knee pads, gloves and helmet to help protect you against any bumps or bruises.
  5. Don’t step out on thin ice! If you plan to cross, skate or slide on a frozen pond, river or lake check the ice thickness first, and be sure it is a minimum of 10cm thick. For extra safety, enjoy all icy adventures in a group to watch out for each other’s safety.

Being prepared is the best defense against a potential injury. If you or someone you know has been injured while participating in a winter sport activity CONTACT the Personal Injury Alliance for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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